Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is ProtectMe by Kidas?

ProtectMe is security software designed to safeguard students participating in Esports programs from online threats. It monitors and identifies harmful content, detects potential cyberbullying, and alerts school administrators to any red flags, ensuring a secure and supportive gaming environment.

What is the ProtectMe Bot?

The ProtectMe Bot is a powerful tool integrated with Discord, designed for Esports coaches and school administrators. It monitors voice and text conversations to identify and mitigate issues such as harassment, cyberbullying, and scams in real-time.

Installation and Setup

How do I install ProtectMe on school computers?

Installation is straightforward. You will receive a detailed guide upon purchase, and our support team is available to assist you through the entire setup process to ensure seamless integration into your school’s systems.

How do I set up the ProtectMe Bot on Discord?

The ProtectMe Bot can be added to your school's Discord server through a simple installation link provided by Kidas or your account rep. Follow the setup instructions, and our support team can assist you with any customization needed.

Functionality and Features

What specific threats does ProtectMe monitor for?

ProtectMe monitors for harmful content, including explicit language, hate speech, cyberbullying, online harassment, conversations involving drugs and other illicit substances, discussion of bringing firearms to school, intent to cause harm to self or others, and potential scams. It provides real-time alerts to administrators about any detected issues.

Can ProtectMe and the ProtectMe Bot be customized to meet our school's specific needs?

Yes, both ProtectMe and the ProtectMe Bot offer customizable settings. Administrators can adjust alert thresholds and monitoring parameters to align with the school's specific policies and requirements.

What’s in a weekly ProtectMe Report?

Safety and Privacy

How does ProtectMe ensure student privacy?

ProtectMe is designed with student privacy in mind. It only monitors for specific harmful content and threats, and all data is handled in accordance with strict privacy regulations. Only authorized school personnel have access to the alerts and reports.

Is the data collected by ProtectMe and the ProtectMe Bot secure?

Yes, data security is a top priority. All collected data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access it.

Benefits and Impact

How does ProtectMe benefit our Esports program?

ProtectMe enhances the safety and well-being of students in your Esports program, allowing them to focus on the positive aspects of gaming such as teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital literacy, without worrying about online threats.

What impact has ProtectMe had on other schools?

Schools using ProtectMe have reported a significant reduction in incidents of cyberbullying and online harassment. Administrators have found it easier to manage and support their Esports programs, leading to a more positive and productive environment for students.

Support and Training

What kind of support is available for administrators using ProtectMe?

GetKidas offers comprehensive support, including installation assistance, ongoing technical support, and training resources to ensure administrators are well-equipped to use ProtectMe effectively.

Are there training materials available for staff?

Yes, Kidas provides a variety of onboarding sessions, including video tutorials, user demos and live training sessions to help your staff understand and utilize all the features of ProtectMe and the ProtectMe Bot.

Cost and Licensing

How much does ProtectMe cost?

Pricing for ProtectMe varies based on the size of your school and specific needs. Contact your account rep for a detailed quote tailored to your requirements.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, GetKidas offers a free trial period for schools to evaluate ProtectMe and the ProtectMe Bot. Contact your school or district’s account rep to set up a trial for your institution.

Integration with Existing Systems

Can ProtectMe integrate with our current school management systems?

Yes, ProtectMe is designed to integrate seamlessly with most school management systems. Our technical team will work with you to ensure compatibility and smooth integration.

Does the ProtectMe Bot work with other communication platforms besides Discord?

Currently, the ProtectMe Bot is optimized for use with Discord, the most popular platform for Esports communication. Future updates may include support for additional platforms based on demand.

Additional Information

How often is ProtectMe updated?

ProtectMe is regularly updated to include the latest safety features and threat detection algorithms. These updates are automatically applied to ensure your protection is always current.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, you can contact your account rep or the Kidas support team at We are here to answer any questions and assist with your needs.

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