Safeguard Students in the Digital World

ProtectMe is your all-in-one solution to monitor, identify, and
address risks in online communications in Windows PC

Empowering Educators, Protecting Students

Create a safer digital environment and join the ProtectMe community. Educators are empowered to protect their students while navigating the online world with ProtectMe

Lab Protection

Install ProtectMe on lab computers for immediate protection

Student Devices

Effortlessly extend security by installing ProtectMe on students' personal devices

Esports Clubs

Safeguard your Esports community by integrating ProtectMe Bot into your Discord servers

What is ProtectMe?

ProtectMe by Kidas is security software designed for Windows computers, with a focus on ensuring student safety

Monitors Voice
and Text Chat

Runs silently in the background to monitor all voice and text communication

Detects Threats
and Sends Alerts

Vigilant monitoring ensures that any potential risks are flagged immediately

Safety Reports

Comprehensive summaries of what was played, for how long, when and by whom

Impacted User Information

Actionable recommendations on how to deal with each threat

We’ve got your clubs covered too!

Looking for protection for your Esports clubs?
ProtectMe Bot is the top-rated security solution for Discord servers, offering club members an added layer of protection. As the only solution on the market with voice monitoring, ProtectMe Bot is designed to combat toxicity in servers keeping students and gamers out of harm's way.

Hate Speech



Privacy Violations

Your partner in digital security

ProtectMe uses advanced algorithms to detect online threats. Receive notifications about privacy violations, cyberbullying, hate speech and more.

How It Works

Download ProtectMe on school and personal computers or add ProtectMe Bot to your Discord servers

Immediate threat alerts notify educators and admins of dangers

Weekly reports consolidate detected threats, offering recommendations and action plans for effective resolution

Alerts let you know what happened when, where, and to whom

Unparalleled protection for your students

Safeguard students in the digital world with the most advanced security software available for schools.

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