K12 Content Filter Comparison Matrix Checklist

As the only software on the market for schools to gain access to video game voice and chat communications as well as in popular apps like Discord, ProtectMe fills in safety gaps for students.  In order to illustrate this, we put ProtectMe in a head to head comparison with top Content Filter tools such as Deledao, Securly, GoGuardian, Lightspeed, Linewize.

Real-time AI text analysis
Real-time voice and chat analysis
Access to 400+ video games and apps like Discord, Minecraft, and Roblox
Admin dashboard that shows time spent in each app and historical trends
Access to Video Game Voice Chats
Access to Video Game Text Chats
Access to Discord Communications
Security for Esports Teams, Venues, and Club
True cloud based, no additional resource requirement
Cyberbullying Detection
Self-Harm/Suicide Detection
Pornography Detection
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Seamless SSO
Easy to set up
User-level reporting
Customizable Settings and Policies
Student Privacy Protection
Detect and block websites
Real-time AI image analysis
Filters all device types(Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, PCs)
Web Filtering
Email Filtering

Unparalleled protection for your students

Safeguard students in the digital world with the most advanced security software available for schools.

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